02 julho 2005

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PKD disse...

How to be Keith Peffer During the Morning

You have a 9:30 class. It's good to leave the apartment around 9 since you'll be walking to class; the 10-15 minute walk is relaxing and some of the only exercise/sunlight you'll get in the day, but, before all this, you have to wake up. 8:00 am, then you reset the alarm for 8:05, then tell yourself you'll take a quick shower, and set it for 8:10, then you come up with some strange theory that you cannot remember now and set the alarm for 8:13...

So at 8:13 you get to the shower, shave, dry off, and realize that it's Tuesday- you have to look spiffy for your management class later in the day. All you have to do is get a nice shirt and that pair of khakis that you meticulously ironed and hung up a week ago, right? But they're wrinkled, so you dress down to a pair of only slightly gaudy cargo pants and a button down plaid shirt.

Breakfast consists of a 1/4 of quiche lorraine and a cup of coffee. The quiche is heavy like a bag of sand, so it's an effort to stand up out of your chair and go pour the coffee, but you succeed. "Oh, it's 9 now..." What are we learning in Diff Eq today? Power series? Brian's words enter my head "Power series is easy, just really time consuming." Well, sounds to me like it'd be better to blog than go to class.

Keith Peffer, the curiously strong sonofabitch.